Emacs Goodies

Here is a collection of Emacs Lisp packages that I've written over the years. I don't spend much time maintaining or developing lisp packages much these days, preferring to spend most of my free time hacking on my various Python projects. Also, many of these packages are now standard parts of XEmacs and FSF Emacs, and are primarily maintained by those groups. However, from time to time, I'll put a new release of these packages up here, and I don't mind continuing to coordinate the canonical releases of these packages.

Feel free to contact me at gnu@wooz.org, but please understand that I get a lot of email and I may not respond in a timely manner.

Please also check out the Python.Org Emacs Goodies page which contains lisp packages by myself and a few other Python/Emacs devotees.

Released Packages

winring.el -- An add-on for managing rings of window configurations. Distributed as part of the latest XEmacs and Emacs releases.

Beta and Experimental Packages

Supercite 4.0 alpha (~202KB tgz) -- an Emacs Lisp package for doing quite fancy cites of email and Usenet messages.

Supercite has been packaged with Emacs and XEmacs for a long time; this version represents a significant rewrite of the package. I no longer use XEmacs to read my email, preferring instead Ximian Evolution. Thus, I no longer have interest or time to continue developing Supercite.

The tarball above contains the last copies of the .el file and the RCS ,v files tracking the entire history of the package. If you are interested in adopting Supercite and continuing to develop it, this might be a good place to start. If so, please contact me at gnu@wooz.org.

greedy-delete.el -- a mode for more hungrily deleting whitespace. Useful in major-modes, and patterned after cc-mode's hungry-delete minor mode.