My Music

So what's with that picture over there? Well, it might be hard to tell, but I still have most of my hair! Actually, you wouldn't recognize me since I recently cut off my ponytail and glued the severed mane to my chin and upper lip.

Here's my musical biography. It's nice being a bass player because you're never really out of work. If you'd like to come see me live with any of the various groups I play with, please join my Jams mailing list. Trust me, it's low volume and spam free.

Here are some mp3's of my own songs:

I've also done a bunch of studio work for Marco Delmar at Recording Arts cutting bass tracks for such artists as Jay Britton, Dave Alberding, Jay Britton, and Ann Blair. All great artists you should definitely check out. If you need some bass work, feel free to contact me.

My Bands

These days, I play primarily with The U-Liners, a fun roots band doing everything from Grateful Dead to Steve Earle.

I've played regularly with the Cravin' Dogs since about 1995. You can hear my bass work on the Dogs' 1996 release dingus, the 2000 release Roots Rock Paper Scissors, and the 2003 release Roadtrip.

I've played with the Billy Coulter Band, after having appeared on several tracks on Billy's 2003 eponymous CD, and all tracks on Billy's second album Dose. Billy's a local Takoma Park guitarist/singer who knows how to rock out.

You might also be mildly amused by reading the Cravin' Dogs Pop Quiz interview in the Washington City Paper that appeared the week of our CD release party at the Barns of Wolf Trap. Here too are some pictures of the Dogs jamming with Eric Raymond at the Eight International Python Conference in Washington DC. Gotta hand it to the guys for braving the snowstorm of the millennium. :)

I did most of the bass tracks for local singer songwriter Jay Britton. Jay has great songs, a great voice, and was lots of fun to work with.

I did several tracks for local singer songwriter David A. Alberding. David's got some great songs, and I always have a great time when playing out with him.

I've also played with Nancy Dougherty, promoting her CD called Be My Mirror. The CD includes one of my songs called The Age of Trains, and another of mine called Hearing Israel, on which Nancy and I collaborated on the lyrics.

I've also done occasional pickup work with a cool funky all-girl band called Zeala.

I've done occasional gigs with Edge City when their extensive touring schedule brings them to the east coast. If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend it!

I used to play regularly with the Oxymorons. Although I don't play with them much any more, they're a great bunch of guys with some fun party music. Check them out.

Back in the early '90's I was playing some great rock/r&b with Georgie Jessup, and my good friends Tommy Derr and El Torro Gamble. Tommy turned me on to Billy's band so we're getting a chance to play together again. Georgie's recently re-released a CD of a few studio and live recordings we did back in the day:

In the distant past, I was in an original progrock band called Arc of Ones. Here are the tracks of our one and only eponymous CD, featuring myself on bass, Andrew Stainer on guitar (who also wrote all these songs), Chris G on drums, Mitch Crosswait on keyboards, and Jeanne-Marie Dushel on vocals.

The Basses

That thing next to my face is the back of my '72 Fender Jazz bass. For you bass gear freaks, that dingus on my E string peg is a Hipshot Bass Xtender. This is one cool toy for players like myself who really prefer four string basses, but sometimes want a little extra range on the low end. I'm always happy to talk about my bass toys, like the Hipshot. I may even show you pictures.