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The author would like to thank Zope Corporation for their support of this work.

Mailman was originally invented by John Viega, and at various times has been shepherded, maintained, and developed by Thomas Wouters, Ken Manheimer, Harald Meland, and Scott Cotton. The author is the current project leader.

Juan Carlos Rey Anaya and Victoriano Giralt produced the first working prototypes of an internationalized Mailman, and worked with the author to designed the architecture for supporting internationalization. Others who provided invaluable contributions for the internationalization effort include Ben Gertzfield, Martin von Loewis, Simone Piunno, Daniel Buchmann, Tokio Kikuchi, and Ousmane Wilane. The ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file that comes with the Mailman source distribution contains a detailed list of contributors.

Barry Warsaw 2003-04-08