Downloading Solaris Patches is a program that can be used to highly automate the downloading of Solaris operating system and CDE patches. Its audience might be small, but this program has been very useful for me, so I share it only with the hope that you'll find some use for it too.

Note that you must have a SunSolve account already (no, you can't use mine :-), and before you use this script, you must edit the following three variables, which appear just after the file's docstring:

This is the login you use at the SunSolve site
This is the password for the login above
Once you've logged into SunSolve, you are required to give an account name as well

Use --help to get usage information. Files are always downloaded into the current directory.

Note: this script has not be enhanced to grab Solaris 7 patches yet, but that will happen soon.

As always, email me if you find any problems with this program, or can suggest improvements.