Using the Fvwm Python Module

It's really very easy to use based modules from Fvwm. One of the little modules that I can't live without is the module. Here are some excerpts from my .fvwmrc file for setting up and using
# Set up ModulePath so that Fvwm can find
ModulePath /home/bwarsaw/src/fvwm

# Properties I like the Pydesks windows to have, over and
# above my standard window properties
Style "Pydesks"	NoTitle, Sticky

# ...

# I like to be able to restart Pydesks from root
# window accelerators
Key t		R	N
Key t		R	S Main

# ...

# I like Pydesks to come up automatically at Fvwm start
# and restart time.
AddToFunc InitFunction
+	"I"

AddToFunc RestartFunction
+	"I"

# ...

# Configuration parameters for the program
*PydesksGeometry +0-4
*PydesksDesk Main 0
*PydesksDesk Web 1
*PydesksDesk Aux 2
*PydesksDesk Maker 3