Barry's Basses

The modern electric bass was invented in 1951 by Leo Fender. Eleven years later, I was born. I guess it's no wonder that 11/8 is my favorite time signature! :-). You might also be interested in learning more about my music.

Seriously, if you'd like to learn more about the early development of the Fender Precision Bass, check out Bass Player Magazine's September 1996 issue (Volume 7, Number 9), the one with the decked out, slamming Larry Graham on the cover. There's a nice article entitled Leo Fender's Bass Revolution that's worth reading. But you'll have to pick up the hardcopy for that (worth it)!

I've been playing bass since I was fifteen, although I did dabble with a few other instruments before that, including the classical guitar, drums, and piano. But when I found The Bottom that was it -- da groove, she be in me now.

There are tons of cool bass sites all over the Web. It's funny how many bassists, let alone musicians in general, are geeks. The one bass site I'll point you to is DisCoBoL, the DC Bass Player's List. I help run the mailing list, but many thanks to Eric L. for providing the Web space. If you're a Washington DC Area bassist, please feel free to join up! Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia, Tidewater area players are definitely welcome too.