Free Software

I've written lots of freely available software over the years, some of which I'll still take the blame for. If you use and like this software, feel free to donate something!

Python stuff

GNU Mailman
GNU Mailman is a free mailing list manager written almost entirely in Python. Mailman was invented by John Viega, but I seem to be doing the most work on Mailman at the time being. Mailman is like Majordomo, but it is tightly integrated with the Web. Take a look at's SIGs for an example of what Mailman looks like.

Jython is an implementation of the Python language in Java. Originally called JPython, its open source development is being continued under the name Jython at SourceForge. Finn Bock has recently taken over as primary developer for Jython.

Python Snippets
Here are some other random extra-curricular Python projects I've been hacking on recently, including ht2html, the standalone email package, (now included in Python 2.2),, and more. Here is my Python coding style guide.

Emacs stuff

I continue to make available some of my lisp packages for XEmacs and Emacs. Some of these packages are experimental, and others are already distributed with XEmacs and Emacs, but they may be a few revisions behind the latest releases.

Other stuff

Warsaw's Laws are my guiding principles for the software I hack.