Barry's Software

I used to list a bunch of free software things I'd written over the years, both for and in Python, and for Emacs/XEmacs. Most of that's pretty seriously out of date now, so let me just point you to my public repositories.

Source repositories

I develop most of my personal stuff on GitLab just because I really like the UI, it has great support for the entire software lifecycle, it has an open source edition, and it has some great features, such as "merge when CI completes".

I do also use GitHub quite a bit too of course. GitHub is more popular, and of course Python itself is developed on GitHub. Often, when I collaborate, GitHub is the chosen hosting provider.

I also have a bunch of packages on the Python Cheeseshop (the Python Package Index -- PyPI -- for the humor or Monty Python impaired).

Style guide

You might also find my personal Python style guide interesting. It's based on PEP 8 of course, and it forms the basis of the GNU Mailman style guide. You probably disagree with some of my choices, but you'd be wrong [1].

Warsaw's Laws

Warsaw's Laws are my guiding principles for the software I develop.

[1]Don't we all say that? :)