Here’s my musical biography of sorts.

My Soundcloud contains links to various songs I’ve done, either with bands or in my own home studio. In 2017, I wrote an album’s worth for the RPM Challenge. The album is called Shade and Light.

In 2020, I wrote a song based on the Zen of Python, a well-known collection of aphorisms that describe the aesthetics of the Python programming language.

I’ve also done a bunch of studio work for Marco Delmar at Recording Arts, cutting bass tracks for such artists as Jay Britton, Dave Alberding, Ann Blair, Mary Shaver, and Venus Rising. I’ve also done tons of bass work for friends and other musical collaborators. If you’ve got some songs that need bass tracks, get in touch!.

I have a few videos up on YouTube including some play alongs and the movie called A.K.A Bobo that I did way back in the day.

I’ve also had fun laying some bass tracks over little drum video clips I’ve found, including from the incomparable El Torro Gamble and Blues Webb. I really should do more of that.

Check out my basses page for more information about my tools of the trade.