Barry's Poems and Other Ramblings

Of the two Milk Me Daddy poems, one was written in 1990, with a slightly shorter version produced in 1994 for my entry into the XEmacs hall of fame. Hit M-x about-xemacs and follow the link to Other Contributors. Some of this nonsense was test-driven on my answering machine.

Some People Are Meshuge. Like me. This little poem came in handy while testing Grail.

Would you rather...?
Deep, thought provoking questions. Tim P., I know how you'd vote!

Fridge Haiku. You know those cool refrigerator poetry magnets? Hee, hee! Warning, this page probably contains the most tasteless stuff here (that'll get you to read them for sure).

Puffy the Frog. What can you say about Puffy the Frog? If ya only knew him, you'd love him too.

Oracle Grovelings and other random glops are... oh ferget it.

Home Remedy is a relatively new one. I apologize in advance.

The aliterations are just the result of a series of email exchanges I had with a friend a few years ago. His were pretty good too, but I no longer have them on-line. As you may have guessed, I started with the Ls, and progress to the slightly longer Ds, stretching out with the Os and ending quite grotesquely with the Ws. I may manage to manipulate more on Monday.

KIDS! here's a neat introduction to poetry forms forwarded to me by a teacher. Oh, and one of my favorite forms is the Fib, based on the Fibonacci sequence. Here's a nice little article on symbolism in poetry.