My first recorded poem, The Hippopotamus.

Of the two Milk Me Daddy poems, one was written in 1990 a slightly shorter version produced in 1994 for my entry into the XEmacs hall of fame. Hit M-x about-xemacs and follow the link to Other Contributors. Some of this nonsense was test-driven on my answering machine.

“Morty Gordy” was the working title of our son Max before he was born. Here’s a list of other potential names. I’m sure everyone involved is glad we didn’t go that route.

S ome P eople A re M eshuge. Like me. This little poem came in handy while testing the Grail web browser.

Would you rather…? thought provoking questions. Tim P., I know how you’d* vote! BTW, “Would you rather” became a meme and a movie long after I invented it!

Puffy the Frog. What can you say about Puffy the Frog? If ya only knew him, you’d love him too.

Oracle Grovelings and other random dumb things are… … oh ferget it.

Home Remedy works for many medical conditions.

The aliterations are just the result of a series of email exchanges I had with a friend a few years ago. His were pretty good too, but I no longer have them on-line. As you may have guessed, I started with L, and progressed to the slightly longer D, stretching out with O and ending quite grotesquely with W. I may manage to manipulate more on Monday.

KIDS! here’s a neat introduction to poetry forms forwarded to me by a teacher. Oh, and one of my favorite forms is the Fib, based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Then there’s this guy. Daphney D. Fuchs is not a well boy.