Barry Warsaw

Hackin' and jammin' on the Infotainment Stupor Hype Wait ®

Hi. You've reached my very own vanity site, where I wax poetic about all kinds of useless stuff. My blog is where I blather on even more.

Until 2017, I was the project leader of Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager. I work on Python, and I used to be lead maintainer for Jython. I contribute to many other open source projects. My day job is at LinkedIn, where I work on the Python Foundation team. I'm a working semi-pro musician and I've been playing Tai Chi (Yang style short form, sword, and sensing hands) since 2002.

If you enjoy the free software that I develop, or the music I write and play, feel free to


Second Annual Winner of the Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest. I was given this prize for my work on GNU Mailman.

In 2014, I was awarded the Frank Willison Memorial Award by the Python Software /Foundation. I knew Frank, and this is truly an honor.

My GPG and SSH Public Keys

Here are my SSH 2 public keys (sha 256: 1eb98f22c6bca6239b1f9eb80f00003eb06b5ad5a4e253b647e4bd57a03b8549)

I have three OpenPGP keys in general use. All are available on the public key servers. Use gpg --recv-keys A74B06BF EA5BBD71 ED9D77D5 or download them here. Please note that I've transitioned to the more secure key with key id A74B06BF.