Barry Warsaw

Hackin' and jammin' on the Infotainment Stupor Hype Wait®

Hi. You've reached Barry Warsaw's very own vanity site, where I wax poetic about all kinds of useless stuff. I supposed these days everyone must have a blog. Because I am old, I even have an old blog.

I am the project leader of Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager. I work on Python, and I used to be lead maintainer for Jython. I contribute to many other open source projects. My day job's at Canonical USA, and I love it. I'm a working (though amateur) musician and I've been playing Tai Chi (Yang style short form, sword, and sensing hands) since about 2002.

If you enjoy the free software that I develop, or the music I write and play, feel free to

IMPORTANT: if you are getting spammed by someone using Mailman, please do not contact me about it. I don't condone such uses of Mailman, but I cannot help you. While I am a developer of the program, Mailman is free software, which means I have no control over how people use Mailman, and probably do not even know when spammers abuse the program for their evil purposes. Here is more information about this.

How to Reach Me

For personal correspondences, you can contact me using barry.warsaw at wooz dot org. For GNU Mailman related questions, please use barry at list dot org. For Python and other open source questions, please use barry at python dot org.


Second Annual Winner of the Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest. I was given this prize for my work on GNU Mailman.

My GPG and SSH Public Keys

Here are my SSH 2 public keys. (sha 256: 1eb98f22c6bca6239b1f9eb80f00003eb06b5ad5a4e253b647e4bd57a03b8549

I have three OpenPGP keys in general use. All are available on the public key servers. Use gpg --recv-keys A74B06BF EA5BBD71 ED9D77D5 or download them here. Please note that I've transitioned to the more secure key with key id A74B06BF, even though it isn't signed by as many people yet.

Key versionKey IDFingerprintNotes
v4A74B06BF 8417 157E DBE7 3D9E AC1E 539B 126E B563 A74B 06BF highly secure, lightly signed
v4EA5BBD71 DBBF 2EEB F925 FAAD CF1F 3FFF D986 6941 EA5B BD71 moderately secure, moderately signed
v3ED9D77D5 D3 34 F2 5F D7 14 E0 90 62 03 EF 2D 7E 4A A5 98 heavily signed, less compatible