Musical Biography

The following account is based on a fever dream.

The DC years

Before moving to California, I played in several DC-area based bands. My two longest tenures were with The U-Liners and Cravin’ Dogs. The U-Liners are a great roots rock and Americana band lead by Joe Uehlein, playing songs of justice, peace, the environment, and workers’ rights. I have three original songs on the U-Liners first two albums. With the Dogs, I played on the records we did from 1996’s dingus to 2017’s BONE. The Dogs guitarist John “Wally” Sablosky and I were in a band called Chemical Man which is how I got the Dogs audition.

Along the way, I did an extended stint with the Billy Coulter Band playing on his 2003 eponymous CD, and his second album Dose. I played with Nancy Dougherty and Venus Rising, contributing several tracks for their records, and playing live with Nancy for several years. Nancy even included two of my original songs on her first album. I also did my duty as a Washington DC bassist, playing with The Oxymorons. Of course, I played and subbed for lots of DC Area local bands here and there.

Back in the day, I played with Georgie Jessup and Crazy Sacred Dogs with my good friends Tommy Derr and El Torro Gamble. I also played with Edge City.

In the distant past, I was in an original progrock band called Arc of Ones. A great, late-80s, early-90s original band, our one and only record is online at the previous link, produced by Crack the Sky front man John Palumbo. Arc’s drummer, Chris G and I were in mid-80s prog band called Picture This with guitarist Chris Boswell. Later, my good friend El Torro Gamble took over as drummer.


Now that I’m in California, I try to sit in as much as possible in the local South Bay blues scene. I also played several years with Smokehouse before the pandemic shut things down.

As of 2022, I play with Lencat. Super fun and very cool group of guys.