Milk Me Daddy

© 1990 Barry A. Warsaw

Oh daddy with your fingers pink
From whose udders do you drink?
Thy milk offends with putrid stink
I’ll vomit now, lactose I think

If I could dream, I’d be a cow
Not horse, or mule, or barnyard sow
The cud I’d chew would drip and how!
So milk me daddy, milk me now!

My bovine nature knows no bounds
I’d naught awake at midnight sounds
Of teens approaching o’er the grounds
To tip with glee, then screech like clowns

And so I stare into this glass
Of sweaty juice, I gulp so fast
Each drop I lick, down to the last
The vertigo I know will pass

My mother smiles and pats my head
She’s proud of me, so she has said
My pop just now gets out of bed
His eyes quite comatose and red

He’ll empathize my milky fate
Whilest sopping gravy from his plate
And as the hour is getting late
His belly taut with all he ate

He isn’t often quite so chatty
His arteries clogged with meat so fatty
With burps that launch soup, thick and splatty
Oh how I wish you’d milk me daddy