Morty Gordy Preview

© 1997-2000 Barry A. Warsaw

Well folks, the cat is more or less out of the bag. Yes indeed, Jane (his wife, intro piano...) has a bun in the oven, she's with child, rotund with life, experiencing fetal expansion, making room in the womb, growing gestationally gargantuan, bakin' a baby, makin' a nest, creatin' a clone, in a family way, baby bulging, otherwise known as... Preggers!

Everything is going well, Jane is over her morning, noon, and night sickness, and we know it's gonna be a boy! The due date is December 15th, so if the thought of a little hybrid of us was freaking us out, it's offset by the very exciting expected arrival of our Little Tax Break Baby!

The beautiful thing is that I got to see the boy on the sonogram and I was able to scan in an animated GIF of him. This is very exciting!

So now that we know it's a boy, here are some tentative names we've come up with. Feel free to email Jane or I with your preferences!

  • Mortimer Gordon Warsaw (Morty Gordy for short!)
  • Big Jimmy Egypt Warsaw
  • Wasraw P. Warsaw (a palindrome, sorry Craig!)
  • Poland Warsaw
  • Five Six Aloisious Right Warsaw
  • Maxibillion Warsaw (he's more than a million!)
  • Biteme Ujerk Warsaw (pronounced "Bitt-a-mee Yerk" -with an umlaut!)
  • Thurpa Jones Warsaw (a family name)
  • Gus Wotidono Warsaw
  • Ian Mitchell Evan Warsaw (I. Mitch E. Warsaw)
  • Austin Boston Warsaw (how many kids are named after 3 cities!)
  • YesItsSpelledLikeTheCity Dammit Warsaw (eliminates a common frustration)
  • Mano Warsaw

More to come...

If you thought those were bad, here's what we came up with if it was going to be a girl:

  • Ivana Kissu Oliver Warsaw
  • Ophelia Happiparts Warsaw
  • Chreesa Jackson Warsaw
  • Airfed Nadly Warsaw
  • Regan Raygun Rogaine Riorden Rodgers Warsaw
  • Thurpa Jones Warsaw
  • LTTB QXMXA Warsaw (pronounced "Tina Candi")

Here's a poem that I wrote before the baby was born. When I wrote this he was 3 days late!